T. Chu, Registered Nurse (RN) - San Bernardino County, CA

I always carry these cute little bottles to work with me at the hospital...the smell is amazing, relaxing and definitely stress relieving! I also rub Dầu Khuynh Diệp on my 2 little kids after their baths.
Highly recommend SNP products! 👍


Dr. Brown and Dr. Lim - LA County, CA

BST’s oils are great products, and we keep finding new ways to use them. The eucalyptus oil has a refreshing scent, feels good on the skin, and helps keep pesky bugs away on our summer evening walks by the chaparral. No wonder koalas love eucalyptus! The peppermint oil smells better than a candy cane, and makes a great scent additive to our homemade foaming soaps. We even splash the peppermint oil on face masks when working with hospital patients suffering from bowel problems, to block the horrible odors, so you know this is potent peppermint! We strongly recommend BST’s oils!


S. Pomerleau - Orange County, CA

I LOVE BST’s peppermint oil! By far, it is the most potent essential oil I have used. When I feel a headache coming on, I just put on a little drop and within an hour, my migraine has improved. Highly recommended. Great customer service! A+ product and company.


J. Ontiveros - LA County, CA

I was recently introduced to SNP centers, and cannot believe I have not been using these products my whole life! I have been using the peppermint oil in my mask to keep my nose clear, and I use the eucalyptus oil on my injured back every night (I feel immediate relief)! The Ultra Heat eucalyptus oil is perfect for athletes (pre and post workout). That’s just what I use them for, but seriously you can use them for anything. The products speak for themselves. I give them as gifts to all of my friends and they are obsessed with them. They are a household staple!