Superior Natural Products have been available in the United State since 1976, when Dr. Peter Tri Le and Dr. Tín escaped the communist takeover of South Vietnam and brought their original eucalyptus oil formulation to America. Prior to its introduction to the United States, Bác Si Tin’s (BST’s) Eucalyptus Oil was widely used throughout Vietnam to recover from various maladies ranging from muscle aches to respiratory infections and even minor wounds due to the antimicrobial effects of tea tree oil.  With the ever-growing demand and wider use of BST's Eucalyptus Oil, the company was financially stable enough to begin research into other health and nutritional products.

Since 1976, Dr. Peter Tri Le (Doctor of Naturopathy) has used his knowledge of Eastern herbs and Western research of nutritional supplements to develop over 40 additional products over his lifetime. Today, the business continues his legacy and strives to provide high quality products that encompass the same principles, from his family to yours.



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